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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Does Viber ever get its accounts crossed? I was checking messaging yesterday, and there was about 6-10 chats that I thought were spam when I opened messaging, but they were an actual discussion from 2 other people about selling a car. Phone number on the top started with a + sign, but the amounts were in dollars. No short codes, and no offer to sell anything or involve a third party. The conversations disappeared almost immediately from phone. I'm a speed reader, so I managed to read at least 4-5 of them. Handcent doesn't show the +sign in front of a number since the only number I have listed with a + is my daughter's. The phone number was not hers or she would have shown as the contact. I only use her number with Viber.

I had just turned on Wifi. Network data was OFF. That's when the conversations showed up. Had the texts been from anyone in my contacts, they would have been over voice, and not data. And would be received whether or not I had any data enabled.

Can cell signals get crossed?
We (Viber) haven't encountered a similar problem from other users until now. There is always a possibility (that's not too far-fetched) that someone texted the wrong number, just like people do sometimes on the cellular network.

However, if this issue persists, please do let us know (and try to record it somehow, using a screenshot for example). Thank you in advance
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