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Originally Posted by ylexot View Post
Yes, but if Android system has makes up 90% of the 90% used, that means that Android system has used 81% of the battery in under 4 hours. That's not normal. I've had similar usage before (but not that bad) and could never figure out the cause. It would just get really hot and the battery would drop like a rock. The only thing that seemed to stop the usage was turning off mobile data, but that's not a very good solution. As soon as mobile data was turned back on, the battery drop started again.

Since then, I have rooted and put a ROM on and haven't had any more problems.
Not sure you know how it works? It has to add up to 100% so are you expecting every application on the phone to equally using up? so %20%20%20%20%20?

Also, I personally think 10% in 4 hours is pretty normal, considering the first 2/3% of the battery isn't actually 100% anyway (so when it's 100% it's basically 97/98%) and 4 hours of 10% means 40 hours would be 100% completely dead. I don't see an issue here..?
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