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Originally Posted by NoNoName View Post
I'm guessing that you mean the post-game boss? Because I cleared the game and got the Crimson Key, and I was just in the low 60's. And what a pain in the arse it was, too. All those sudden death attacks, cheap mothertrucker. Anyway, I updated that spreadsheet with some more info. I haven't found everything 100%, but I have all the Ooparts and locations, at least.

So, after that battle, and the credits, what else is there to do? I've gotten all the elemental armors, the Sword and Armor of the Gods, the last Oopart... there's the Shrine of Darkness and Phoenix battles, is that all? Where's a good place to power level or make big bucks? All I could find was the Shrine of Darkness or that northwest desert island (which is a good place to farm Sands, and got me to the low nineties pretty quick, but slowed after that).

Anyone else feel like this game was rushed? It's really short and kind of... pathetic, compared to Symphony of Eternity. No intro, the music and graphics are kinda meh, and the story is really lacking. The main story literally can be finished in under ten hours, and most of your time is spent grinding anyway. It's fun, but I expected more coming from Kemco. I played a lot of their games on the NES, Gameboy, SNES, Xbox, etc. Anyone remember the Spy vs Spy game? Or the Top Gear series?
Wow, you are really low leveled. Impressed. I hunted for items a LOT during the game, so I was over leveled by the end. The final bosses were honestly boring. There are tons of things to collect, but the Phoenixes are the final challenge. Easy with a real strategy, you'll have no trouble.

I generally agree with your opinion. It's too linear, zero sidequests, items are obsolete as soon as you can afford them, few options for attacks, zero replayability. However, I think it is more polished than SoE and was more fun the first play through. It is $3, so ~10-12 hours is expected. I still prefer to use emulators if I'm looking for substance, though.
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