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Originally Posted by sugo55 View Post
I understand people hating on AirPush, but compared to banner advertising services lie Mobclix, the ECPMs are much higher.

I was get 58 c ecpm on Mobclix and I get $4 ecpm on Airpush, developers need to make money somehow.
Perhaps you could make more money by stealing than by working honestly, but that isn't going to make a very effective argument in the minds of those from whom you would be stealing. Stealing would still be wrong.

I'm not going to claim that such methods as Airpush are exactly analogous to stealing, but they are certainly an intrusion that a great many of us find unacceptable.

I accept the concept of apps that are supported by advertising within the app itself. This, I consider legitimate. But when an app pushes advertising that intrudes upon the use of a device outside of the app itself, this is simply not acceptable. Every item I encounter such an app on Google Play, I report it to Google as malware, and about as often as not, apps that I thus report are getting pulled.

Apparently, Google agrees with me on this point, and their newly-revised standards seem to reflect this agreement.
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