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Originally Posted by ylexot View Post
Not sure you understood the OP. They went from 100% battery to 10% battery in 4 hours. That would be a 90% battery drop.

Yes, all of the items in the battery usage list should add up to 100% (probably a typo somewhere in the OP, but that's irrelevant). If Android system was responsible for 90% of the battery drain and the battery has drained 90%, then the Android system has used 0.9 x 0.9 = 0.81 or 81% of the battery.
Thats what I was trying to say. 90% of not very much for Android system is fine in itself. Just not getting to 10% in these time scales.

My recommendation Is Purchasing (or using XDA membership to get free) "Better Battery Stats".

Originally Posted by ylexot View Post
I'm an aerospace engineer. Don't challenge me on math.
2 x Graham's number = ?


2 x the first digit of Graham's number 1 in 9 chance
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