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Originally Posted by ExtremeNerd View Post
Wow, you are really low leveled. Impressed. I hunted for items a LOT during the game, so I was over leveled by the end. The final bosses were honestly boring. There are tons of things to collect, but the Phoenixes are the final challenge. Easy with a real strategy, you'll have no trouble.
I ended up grinding to 120 or so after I found most of the useful items, by then I had made enough money to upgrade all of the must-have skills. Went and attempted the phoenix battle and won on the first try. It required a lot of patience and constant buffing/healing/reviving, but it wasn't too difficult. Kind of a let-down, though. I was expecting an extended ending or something.

Originally Posted by ExtremeNerd View Post
I generally agree with your opinion. It's too linear, zero sidequests, items are obsolete as soon as you can afford them, few options for attacks, zero replayability. However, I think it is more polished than SoE and was more fun the first play through. It is $3, so ~10-12 hours is expected. I still prefer to use emulators if I'm looking for substance, though.
Oh yes, that is true as well. If only this game had the depth and story of SoE. Oh well. There's always the SNES and PS1 classics. Speaking of SoE, I still haven't killed the Avatar of the Heavens. Do I need to be higher than level 72?
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