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Default Installation Instructions & Download Links

Disclaimer: Neither myself or my development partner are responsible for any damage you do to your phone. All of our files/development are tested extensively by several testers and are not released untill all bugs have been corrected. If you are not familiar with these methods, I'd suggest that you do some research elsewhere to better understand before you attempt anything on your device.

Note: 90% of damage done to devices when installing custom software is due to user error..

Prepairing your phone for this install

1. Latest, Updated Clockworkmod located here (If you do not install this first, you WILL brick your phone)
2. Get a nandroid backup of your current running system with new CWM now..

Due to some added features in this ROM (Apps2sd) this will allow you to double your app space by moving them to a seperate partition (for apps only) on your sdcard so, you will need to repartition your sdcard before you install the ROM

1. conect your phone to your PC and enable Mass Storage
2. copy everythiing on your sdcard to your computer
3. in the sdcard folder on your computer, delete these files:
4. close the file but leave your phone connected to your computer

5 reboot into CWM
6. select: "advanced"
7. select "Partition SDCARD"
10. Ext size: 1024M
11. swap: 0M
12. let it finish
13. ** Go Back**
14. select: "Mounts & Storage"
15. select: "Mount usb storage"
16. on your PC, go to START> Computer> and open the sdcard
17. copy the Megatron_6.0boost/ from your computer to the empty sdcard
18. safely remove sdcard from computer and select "unmount USB storage.
19. ** Go Back **
20. Proceed with CWM install Method below
__________________________________________________ _
For installation:
Clockworkmod Install

Download Links:

Boost vv
Megatron 6.2.5

Sprint vv
Megatron 6.2.5

1. Select: "install zip from sdcard"
2. Select: "choose zip from sdcard"
3. Select
4. Select "Yes"
5. Watch it install...
6. Select: "reboot system now"

First boot might take up 5 min. let the device sit for an additional 5 min after it boots the first time ( i know it's hard!!) so everything has a chance to start up without you starving the RAM by playing with it..

7. After phone has sat for a while after booting, copy back all your files to your sdcard and reboot. Then sign into google and sync your contacts back

Do not install ANY apps until you follow the instructions below


What is Apps2sd support?
Apps2sd support is using an app that moves all the files of your downloaded user apps and dalvik cache to an ext4 partition on your sdcard while leaving the app itself on your internal data space. the result is that the app actually takes up way less space in your data space giving you the option to install almost double the amount of apps to your phone.

* this is not the same thing as the crappy move to sd method in Settings>applications whitch only allows you to move certain apps and doesn't really make a difference on you data space. any app can be moved to sd-ext. note: launchers, widgets, or the app itself can but should not be moved to sd-ext

* Apps2sd support is adding a few programing lines to the kernel so it will mount the new sd-ext as part of the system. It does not mean you have to use the app Apps2sd. There are others that do the same thing and work better. Imo, i recommend Link2sd from the market. It's smoother, easier, and has more features. so my instructions will be for that

1. Go to the market and install Link2sd.
2. Open it.
3. it will ask how to mount your sd-ext. tap ext4 then it will tell you to reboot
4. reboot your phone
5. open the app again
6. go to settings
7. configure the settings to move all three files:
apk <checked>
dex <checked>
lib <checked>
8. also in settings make link2sd automatically link new apps to sd-ext and close the app.

now you are free to install apps... Please read the WARNING below vv

WARNING!! Do not restore your apps or app data from any type of app backup. eg. Titanium backup. This is more of a new ROM than it is an update from the previous Shevron Rom as well as being based on a new version on android all together so restoring apps and data that came from a previous version will certainly cause problems. It is best to just reinstall everything from the market again. Once you do have Megatron installed and all your apps back, you can then make a fresh backup of your apps and data. All future versions of megatron should be restorable from apps that were installed on this version..

Removed Apps
Download linksVV

1. Download both Files above
2. Unzip the only
3. Using 7zip or Winrar, open as an archive
4. In the archive, open the system folder
5. now open the app folder
6. now go to the unzipped Removed_Apps folder and drag or copy whatever app you want into the archive /app folder
7. close the archive
8. move to your sdcard
9. reboot into CWM
10 choose "install zip from sdcard"
11. "Choose zip from sdcard"
12. Yes
13. "reboot system now:
you now have your stock apps that you wanted back

Download Links:





Stock Theme
Use this theme if you want to use UOT and make your own theme
Its not a, its for UOT use so when people want to make their own themes. If they use UOT off the current theme they are more than likely to get there statusbar killed on boot. So whenever you want to make a UOT theme just extract this zip and you will find a framework-res.apk and a systemui.apk use those files to upload when UOT asks for them.

1. Download to your sdcard (wherever you want inside the sd)
2. reboot into cwm
3. Select "install zip from sdcard"
4. Select "choose zip from sdcard"
5. Navigate to where you saved it
6. select it
7. select "yes"
8. Select "reboot system now" when its done

Enjoy your new theme and be sure to thank Chevanlol360

If you have any questions about the ROM, Please read the FAQ's below before you post in the thread. Otherwise you question will go unanswered
If someone helps you or if you are using someone's Mods, ROMs, Scripts, etc. Always hit the thanks button -------------------------->
Donations are Appreciated
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