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Default FAQ's and Credits


Q: Why doesnt my quickpanel have all 14 widgets?
A: Go to the quickpanel settings app and enable them.

Q: Do I have to partition my Sdcard and use link2sd in order to install this ROM?
A: No, just skip the part about partitioning your sdcard and install the ROM without it and you can install your app normally.

Q: Why do I get a "Cannot connect to camera" error when i use my camera app?
A: Go to quickpanel settings app and disable flashlight

Q: Wheres my browser i cant find it?
A: chrome app is now your new browser!

Q: Wheres my slide to unlock tab at the lockscreen?
A: Its now a circle since FF27, swipe to unlock it!

Q: How do i OverClock?
A: Open the no frils cpu app and set your desired speed!

Q: Why does Settings->About phone crashes?
A: Uninstall bobzhome's kernel and install ours!

Q: Why does my battery die so fast?
A: make sure brightness is on auto and turn off auto sync, gps and 3g when not using them.

Q: Why doesnt my statusbar appear immediately on boot?
A: give it 2-3 mins for your statusbar to appear on boot "Espesically if your running a theme"

Q: Why did my phone blow up?
A: Beats me! Have your self a cookie


Boot animation- Loota

Quickpanel- Lidroid

KonstaT & Bloodawn- Helped with Debugging quickpanel

Bloodawn- Phone icons and his edited version of BobZhome's OC kernel

mackharoni- ROM tester

Loota ROM- tester

BLuFeNiX- ROM tester

niteNarmor- ROM tester, and for providing the files to make Odin.tars for sprint

iNsTaGaToR- MegaTron OP Picture

Lordvincent 90- MegaTron Logo

Xealith- Figuring out the script commands for cwm to flash baseband

Everyone who uses and supports our hard work!!!! Thank you!!!

If someone helps you or if you are using someone's Mods, ROMs, Scripts, etc. Always hit the thanks button -------------------------->
Donations are Appreciated
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