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Originally Posted by Kantoku View Post
Hi stane,
Thanks for the ROM - I installed it on my box (different than the atv-108 but definitely f16ref), and it works great. However, both yours and the original ROM have an issue with the ethernet not working. According to my adb logcat, it would receive DHCP settings correctly, but then disconnect. If I look at the back of the machine where the ethernet lights are, when it disconnects, the lights go off for a bit, then come back on, and the process is repeated forever. However, if I hook it up to my laptop, the lights stay on forever (without giving an IP), so I'm assuming it's not a hardware problem.

I was wondering if you had any idea what the issue could be? Has anyone else had this issue?
I also heard that ethernet on ICS with a 2.6 kernel could be troublesome. Is there a version that has a 3.0 kernel?

Thanks again for the ROM. Can't live without root
Yes, I do have this issue too.
I can't play 1080p files from ethernet, but I can play them from wi-fi.
Another issue came across, when I am in wi-fi mode, my wireless keyboard stops working.
Can you help me with this?
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