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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Realllllly??? See that's my fear with stuff like this. The replacement can always be worse then the original.
If its bad enough to bother you I would exchange until you are happy with it as long as you are within where you bought its time frame, personally I should not have to settle for defects right out of the box I dont mind a couple months down the road. I've gone through 6 now since 7/14 from Gamestop:

1st C6 - would turn off at 20% "show low low battery logo" even after calibrating bad battery? Had a perfect, flush screen, didn't want to, exchanged

2nd C7 - bad left side screen separation/lift, exchanged

3rd C7 - dust under the screen, 2 spots , exchanged

4th C7 - minor left side screen seperation/lift, just started doing the death at 20% exactly like the first C6 I had for no reason, had it a week and had been charging/decharging fine.

5th C8 - minor left side lift, missing two screws underneath

Now, the 6th C8 I just got today out of the box is perfectly flush no lift like the first C6 I had. Its still charging so I haven't pryed off the back yet to check for missing screws again, but since the screen is fine I can live with it and think this one is the keeper as long as I don't get battery issues again crossing my fingers!! Moral of the story you are paying the money for it brand new you shouldn't have to settle for defects right out of the box there are good ones out there.
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