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Originally Posted by susieque22002 View Post
Maybe that's the problem, since I have been shutting it down completely. Doesn't it drain the battery to have it on sleep mode? How long will it stay in sleep mode, without charging it?
Most battery use is from the lights (LEDs) on the display. Battery usage also varies depending on what you have turned on and which apps you have installed, but you normally see only a trivial amount of drain over a 16 hour period if the tablet sleeps most of the time. I suggest that you experiment with that to determine the usage for your tablet.

Note that these tablets use Lithium-ion Polymer batteries, which tend to last longer if you charge them every chance you get. It's a good habit to plug the tablet in every night and leave it plugged in until you leave for the day. I try to limit deeper battery discharge/charge cycles to less than once a week if possible. Sometimes that's hard to avoid though.

Full power down is useful if you can't get easy access to AC power for a few days and really need to conserve, or if you don't plan to use the tablet during 12 or more hours, and don't want to plug it in.

The tablet and Android in general was designed to be used for quick access, and to take advantage of that, you need to use sleep mode.
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