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Originally Posted by Golkab View Post
Hi everyone,
I have been looking at different forums and I was directed here. I have a Rezound and still under contract. My question is if I download this debloating app. will I be able to use my laptop with no problems?
I am not really sure what you asking, this looks like two different things.

Debloating in ICS is fairly easy, you just go to Settings->Apps->All and disable the ones you don't want, but make sure you know what you are disabling, if you disable the wrong thing the only fix is to boot into hboot and do a factory clear and start over. This will have no effect on using your laptop.

By "use your laptop" I am assuming you want to tether wirelessly to your Rezound to access the Internet? Currently that is not possible without using (and paying for) the Verizon HotSpot or rooting your phone and installing Wireless Tether.
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