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Originally Posted by dlee1001 View Post
I really don't think the Note 2 will be sold on Sprint or Verizon. If you take a look at the original Note, it was only sold on AT&T for a time, and it was only recently that T-Mobile started selling it - and then ditching it.
I present to you Exhibit A.

This roadmap was taken by phonescoop when they did their artivce on How a Sprint phone is born. Once clearly sees a 5.5" phablet in the roadmap. The Note is the only 5.5" that i know of so BAM, Sprint is getting it no matter how many times they try to deny it.
Then again, they could decide to scrap the idea and not get it, but if they do, I think it would one big blunder on their part.

Originally Posted by dlee1001 View Post
It is said that AT&T technically has the faster data speeds than Verizon. I have seen Sprint speeds and they are very slow. AT&T might be slower at deploying LTE than Verizon is, but do keep in mind that if you don't have LTE on AT&T, chances are you might get HSPA+. Whereas if you don't get LTE on Verizon, you'll fall back to 3G.
Well here in NYC, I never had an issue with Wimax, fast speeds (at least fast enough for me not to notice a slowdown), 3G, well it depends on what part of town I'm in and seeing the LTE results form folks across the areas that have LTE, the results are in line or better than AT&T and Verizon. So I know, (at least in my part of town and those areas that I travel to) that Sprint is getting better.

Originally Posted by dlee1001 View Post
Also, I could be wrong about this, but I don't think that Sprint's LTE and WiMax are compatible with each other, so I think if you lose/don't have LTE coverage, you will fall back to 3G instead of Wi-Max.
This is true on phones liek the Nexus, S3 etc that are only LTE and 3G, and those phones that are only Wimax and 3G like the EVO, but I have the TriFi hotspot which has all three, so i can easily connect any of my devices to it and be covered anywhere i go. Until I get LTE in my town which then I'll give up the TriFi or put it on the suspension plan.

But in keeping with the thread topic, if i didn't have or couldn't get the Note 2 on Sprint , then I would probably go to AT&T since I have the 1st Note with them.

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