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id love to post my homescreen, but the file size is too big. do you guys really re-size all of your cell phone screen shots to post here? just seems like a pain in the ass.

anyway... i am having terrible battery problems to the point of me reconsidering this purchase. i love everything about this phone but the fact i have to jump through several hoops to minimize battery drain is ridiculous.

keep in mind i dont live near an LTE zone.
quick overview of my battery status at 34%. 10 hours draining, but 7 of those were when i was asleep and not using the phone at all.
i "minimized background activity" on apps.

during this discharge:
android system: 69%
cell standby:10%
android os:5%
(the rest were under 3%)

so android system was the killer, and using better battery stats, i found that "bam_dmux_wakelock" was the culprit.

can anyone give me a damn solution besides cutting mobile data. its a goddamn cellphone i should be able to get decent battery life because there are some people that are raving about it.

i can't find anything on here and i know calling samsung ill get some tech support idiot who wont be able to help.

what should i do?
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