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Angry ICS Unmitigated Disaster on Droid 4

I have a Driod 4 and was perfectly happy with GB until the ICS upgrade happened without warning that it was a complete and untested “makeover” with apparently no real user hands-on review. Now the phone is almost worthless to the point that it will shortly go into the toilet and I'll switch to Apple or go back to a non-SmartPhone. Problems below continue after multiple visits to Verizon where I completely went thorugh the reload/reboot procedure several time with no change in performance
While this isn’t directly a Motorola or Verizon problem – it belongs 90% to Google/Android – it is Moto/Verizon's for the other 10% for not doing their own independent testing and evaluation before allowing this disastrous upgrade to go through their shops. Anyone out there looking at a class action, count me in!
After venting at Verizon, I spent most of a morning on the phone with Motorola and managed to get things escalated to Level 3. Bottom line in my opinion is that the ICS programmers sat in a back room and vomited out all of these great and new features without any input from the real world nor, it appears, much actual testing!

My short list in summary:

0) Couple of keystroke access to my contact list has now at least tripled to get to the same information.

1) Can no longer delete individual texts from a string between me and the same sender, so once I reach 1000 msgs, I'm going to loose important info from oldest msgs.

2) The new clock setting feature in "Alarm & Timer" and "Calendar" apps sucks. It is taking me 5 times as long to 'spin the little wheels' to set an alarm or calendar time, and I'm sure I won't be able to do it at all in cold weather when I'm wearing gloves; there is no way to just type in the desired time from the keyboard.

3) When doing a contact search on the phone dialer, the first character I type in is ignored 100% of the time, and subsequent characters are randomly ignored.

4) Almost every apps on my home page randomly activates or (more often) locks up, requiring that I power down the phone and repower it to unlock the screen, probably also resulting in Problem #5 and #7 below.

5) Power consumption has skyrocketed... lucky to get 4 hours on a charge now.

6) It reinstalled a bunch of apps that I had deleted (all of the social media ones - Facebook, in particular Google, Twitter, etc - that can't be hard-isolated from stealing info from other lists on my phone as they can on the Blackberry platform); I don't want any of my personal information shared!

7) Appears a bunch of options all are "on" by default, probably contributing to the power consumption problem. Every time I start the phone from power-down, I have to go in and turn a bunch of things back off.

8) Phone randomly calling out in the background, and notification/ring volume settings change on their own. If these random calls start hitting 911 centers, that will be a BIG problem for Android from the FCC and state PUCs!
9) When using the dialer page, as soon as I get it close to my face to talk it begins randomly dialing, meaning that the only way I can use - for example on a conference call where I need to often mute/unmute - is to put it in speakerphone mode.
10) My Line2 VoIp app user interface freezes on every call and I have to repower the phone to unlock anty of the buttons so I can use them.
I just want my old phone back!
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