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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Not exactly, Obama has yet to invade a new country and U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq was completed on 18 December 2011, so there is an open slot.
While not as grand as W's wars Obama has invaded the territory of a Foreign Nation twice.

What goes on, on the border of Pakistan is a joint effort with their Government even though it seems invasive. The blatant snatch and grab of a person inside Pakistan while deliberately evading their military counts as 1.

Libya counts as 1. Call it a joint this or that, what ever. Any thing done by the U.N. or Nato is us because we carry the brunt of everything either of these organizations ever do.

Who actually sent military force?

Hate to tell you this but W proved The President of the U.S. can ignore the UN and Obama would have done it even if the UN said no.

Just to point out what my bias is.
I personally disapprove of the following.

Both Obama invasions

The invasion of Iraq

that Mr. Bush didn't finish it in 91

How W conducted both of his wars

The U.N.

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