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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Oh greaaaat.
Yes great. Since you are European I will cover the U.N. and NATO.

1st NATO. Yes we need allies, we don't need dependants which is what most of NATO is. The U.K. has a decent military. The rest? We are their security forces, on our dime to boot. Want to know why our defense budget is so high? There is a big ass chunk of it right there. My opinion the E.U. needs to start paying us for it or we need to step out.

The U.N. is a no brainer. No law in the U.S. supercedes the Constitution, the U.N. is a global governing body, see the problem here?

On American domestic matters.
Your European and are biased, so I mean this as nicely as possible, your point of view on this is irrelevent and just annoying.
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