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I'm on my second Nexus 7, which has a C70K SSN btw, and yet again i'm having left bezel screen lift issues. I am 100% sure it is related to some sort of glue, as heating the device up always makes it far spongier than when it is cool. Every time I play a decent game that taxes the GPU, the bottom left corner will get warn, and then it starts. I really don't know how Asus has managed to screw up so many units. Do they even have any QC on anything? Getting perhaps tens of thousands of units shipped back can't be cheap for them.

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That yellowish could be from the glue. I remember reading something like this before (forget what device was) and it was stated the glue was causing that color.
That was happening to the iPhone 4S right after its initial launch. With time, the tint should have gone away on those devices. Perhaps that is the same issue with the Nexus, as it seems like Asus is also rushing to fill orders, and the tablets are not sitting in a warehouse to "dry".
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