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Sad no call forwarding is free with sprint!! BE WARNED

I called sprint to verify which code would be free - -as everyone said before me *28,*73, and the other one free - and *72 conditional call forwarding >20cents a minute...

I was using *28 forwarding to a verizon phone in an area where there was no service - I received a $12 charge for 60mins of usage. I just got off the phone with Sprint- their answer - -

conditional call forwarding is free as long as you don't answer the phone!! If you answer the phone- then it is 20cents a minute!! I had called Sprint before purchasing verizon prepaid - and they had promised it would be free - but failed to state that if you answer the phone FREE no longer applies!!!

I am very frustrated!! I need my phonecalls to come through in this remote area - verizon works - -Sprint doesn't ... I spent $135 on a prepaid verizon phone through a company called pageplus - 2000minutes good for a year for $80 and a phone motorola citrus (used) for $35 -- today i received my sprint bill and had 60 minutes of call forwarding charges - even though I used *28!! As was stated here (free) and by the sprint rep I spoke with then(free) ...

be warned--it is indeed free - -unless you answer the phone it's forwarded to!! Then it's 20cents a minute ... total rip off!! I'm only using call forwarding because no service with Sprint!!
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