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Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
Wonder if we will get involved directly?

It will just end up an other Nation where the Muslim Brotherhood will step in to fill the power vacuum.

This whole Arab Spring is their doing any way and is the fault of the West.

In the 1920-30 when every country in the Mid East banned this and similar groups guess where they weren't banned? In the democracies of the West. So we gave them safe haven topractice and plot their hate of us and a strategy for conquering the Med East. At the rally on the 1st day of freedom in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood physically removed the moderates and secularists who were the face of the revolution from the victory celebration stage and took control. Their Chant? "1 Nation for a new Holocaust!"

Logic shows the current regime to be less of a threat to the stability (balance of power) in the region.

Syria basically funds terrorists in Palestine and Lebanon.

Muslim brotherhood =/= evil. Look at Morsi, I mean technically he increased freedoms by allowing women to wear headscarves on TV. And he wants peace with Israel.

In 1920-30 the middle east was under the control of Europe. It was after independence most Arab countries went to Socialist pan-Arabism.
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