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Originally Posted by ibdunn View Post
I told them the only reason I was using call forwarding was because they didn't have service and I was trying to avoid having to go through the contract break thing ...
Let me see if I understand this: You signed a contract with Sprint, then moved to an area with poor-to-no Sprint coverage, then wanted Sprint to forward all your calls to another carrier... for free? Indefinitely?


Originally Posted by ibdunn View Post
...they said they would help me get out of the contract if I can prove enough dropped calls/no service!!
So they're willing to let you out of the contract you signed, after all. You just have to do a little work to get there.

What is your complaint?

Originally Posted by ibdunn View Post
I had Sprint 13yrs ago -now i remember why I left ...
Yeah, they are the ones being unreasonable.

Originally Posted by ibdunn View Post
guess the only answer is root phone and go with forced roaming . ..LOL
Except they'll ding you for excessive roaming.

I understand your being dissatisfied that you signed a contract and then, for whatever reason, found yourself in an area with poor-to-no coverage, but that's hardly Sprint's fault. As for the ETF: You do understand the subsidized device mechanism, do you not? In exchange for a $600 phone for $200 (or whatever), you give them your business for a couple years. Even then: It sounds like they're willing to cut you loose if you just do some work.

Unless I'm missing some aspect of this: It sounds to me like you haven't a leg to stand on.

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