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Originally Posted by adaaaam View Post
You just repeated what I said (get mx to loop) and what he said (i need an app to autostart the video) in two paragraphs, which is pretty funny..
I am so out of it today.

Anyhow, I figured out the OP's problem.

Make sure to set the MX Player as the default video player and enable loop playback. Then, if necessary, disable the lockscreen so it goes straight to the launcher on boot. Then you will need to buy an app called "Tasker". Its 6.50 USD but that's far cheaper than your professional player. And we will need it to automatically launch the video you need on boot.

Anyhow, create a new profile using the plus sign. Give it a name if you wish. Select "Event". Then "System". Then "Device Boot". Then hit the check mark to accept. Then create a new task. Click the blue plus sign. Then click "File". Then "Open File". Then click the search glass to browse to the video you want to play. Then hit the check marks to confirm the changes.

If everything went well, you should be able to reboot the system, and on reboot, the video should start playing automatically within a few seconds or so. If it asks what player to use, select MX Player and always use this option so it doesn't ask again.

I just tried this on my phone and it seems to work pretty well.
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