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My complaint ... is that before I purchased the verizon prepaid phone to forward my sprint one to ...I CALLED SPRINT - I asked them if there would be a charge .... I repeat - - I called Sprint!! They said as long as I didn't use unconditional call forwarding *72 there would be no charge --****
they failed to mention that there would be no charge unless I answered the phone!!
As previous commenter mentioned other carriers offer free call forwarding .. I was not trying to get out of my contract - I was trying to make it possiblie for me to remain in my contract ... I moved to the location I am getting ready to move back to 13 yrs ago -there was no service then - -I would have hoped that in 13 yrs time (since they were trying to keep then with the promise the service was about to get better) it would have improved by now!! NO DIFFERENCE

I like sprint - I understand subsidized phones etc. etc ... when I signed up again 2+yrs ago the big advert was 4G .... I have never seen 4G!! now the big advert is LTE .. will i see that?

I know my HTC LTE phone .. is pretty much worthless -loved my HTC 4g -- LTE new promises .. wonder if I'll ever see the benefits of LTE - -overall I like sprint -don't expect something for nothing -I pay my bill -- but if I need to forward because no service--charging me 20cents a minute when others don't charge you to forward ... well --seems unreasonable .. .

oh yeah -- what I'm most upset with
I CALLED SPRINT TO BE SURE I COULD FORWARD CALLS AT NO CHARGE --they said yes use this code *28 or whatever just not *72 ...THEY DID NOT SAY IF YOU PICK UP THE PHONE ON THE OTHER END YOU WILL BE CHARGED --THAT'S MY COMPLAINT... I wouldn't be forwarding if sprint worked - -I don't want out of my contract - I am willing to pay 2 contracts .. I just don't want to leave sprint an don't want to be charged for those times when calls don't go through!!!

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