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Originally Posted by sorka View Post
It's funny how a 4.3" screen is now consider a "little" phone. Apple better step up their game. 3.5" is micro now by comparison.

The M is pretty much the same form factor as the Droid X. It's a very good my wife prefers. The droid x was missing LTE and a front facing camera.

The RAZR M *is* what the DX3 should have been.

The M has the same size screen as the RAZR and RAZR Maxx but doesn't have the stupid bezel all the way around the screen like the RAZR does. The RAZR reminds me of the early plasma TVs with the huge bezel. Same size screen as a Droid X in a useless much larger body.

If they'd come out with the X after the RAZR, we'd all be saying "ooh, look how much smaller the droid X is than the RAZR". Yet when I was looking at a RAZR in a Verizon store and pointed out how much bigger it looks and feels than the DX I was holding in my other hand, the sales guys said, "ya, but look how thin it is". I'm not trying to cut bread with my phone. I need an efficient form factor for whatever screen it has, not some big 90s style fugly bezel.
DROID X is actually much bigger than razr m. X is 127.5mm tall and 65.5mm wide. Razr m is 122.5mm tall and 60.9mm wide. 5mm may not sound like a lot, but it makes a HUGE difference in your hand.
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