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So this weekend, the time came to where my little brother and sister would get a smart phone. I wanted to get my sister the Nexus but she insisted on just getting one of the free android phones verizon had to offer. I was going to give my brother my old Thunderbolt as well.

The Samsung Stellar had just come out 2-3 days ago and was a free-on contract- android phone.

I was actually blown away!
-It uses a Super Amoled + display (non pentile) - its 800x480 resolution but at a 4 inch screen it looks pretty good!

-Internally - it basically has the same hardware as the Galaxy SII did on the other carriers - 1.2ghz S3 processor, 1gb of Ram etc

-Get this: it comes with a 2100mAh battery! I had to pay extra for that in my Nexus
-Ships with what's basically the nature UX from the SIII - comes with 4.0 out of the box including S voice
-Speaker is very loud and clear

The only cons - and this is probably why it's free- 3.2mp camera with no flash how ever it does have zero shutter lag.

I was blown away and did not feel bad now for getting her a "free" phone...sad to say but this blew the DROID Razr out of the water - the only thing I like more about the Razr are the colors/materials

We also switch our plans to the share everything plan. I was the only one who had unlimited and I gave it up (I know you're thinking WTF MAN) but it made since because it only increased our bill by $30 (including the 2 new data plans) and it bumped us to unlimited minutes, and now we have a 10gb pool of data. My brother and sister both live on campus at the dorms so they are always on WIFI so that means I get most of that pool anyways.

One sad thing about the verizon store was that the Galaxy Nexus was no longer on display They also didn't have the LG VU which I was curious to see... Anyways, Verizon needs to get its phone situation straight. It made me realize that besides the SIII and the Nexus - Verizon's got nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Wow I feel like this post should have started out as "Dear Diary...."
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