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Originally Posted by smackafoo View Post
You're looking at this from the wrong angle.

300 up front for a snapdragon S2 512ram 4.1 inch 5megapixel camera smartphone where you get unlimited data every month for as little as 25$

the best part is ABSOLUTELY NO PERSON ON THIS PLANET can force you to stick with the phone becuase you are NOT on a contract. THATS the real value here.

go buy a mid-high range phone OFF CONTRACT at a carrier and tell me if you can get it for under 300.

the answer is no.

I was HAPPY with my triumph on 2.3 and 2.2(custom roms), it was FAST, smooth, it worked great. did everything I asked of it.

and in the year that I've owned it I saved hundreds of dollars over going with a contract. money that stays in MY pocket that can pay for gas, road trips, meals, amusement parks, things that keep ME entertained. not to some company that has me under contract.

now I have the EVO V 4G and all I really have to say is that android 4.0 doesnt have NEARLY the app compatability that 2.3 has... apps that worked on the triumph break and force close on ICS. and it will be this way for awhile...

Sure, it sucks that Motorola releases phones with no OS updates. But car manufacturers release vehicles and they don't replace your engine every year and you don't complain. You buy a laptop and Dell or HP doesnt give you the next windows for FREE or even make it an option and your ok with that?

but god forbid you buy a cheap NICE phone off contract and save hundreds by paying prepaid per month and they can't give you a software update EVEN while 2.3 and 4.0 roms exist by the community.

Last time I made a post like this on another account, more than half the replies agreed with me but the moderator banned me. I stopped really caring for android central becuase of that so If you don't like what I have to say, ban me again.

edit* you know whats really funny? when the triumph launched, it was right after the LG Optimus V (which was almost flawless for its time)

and the triumps main problems were that some phones shipped with a green splotch on the camera and sometimes the home buttons stopped responding until you flipped from portrait to landscape.

the EVO V ships with a BROKEN RADIO. you activate it and you cannot get texts, send texts, miss alot of calls, and other stuff DOES NOT EVEN WORK until you unlock it and flash the Evo 3D firmware and radio to it. and the process for that is NOT as simple as the triumph. you have to open the phone and touch a wire to a certain spot and short it out for a second and its all very precarious and not fun. but thats the price for getting this nice of a phone off contract for so cheap (229.99) and now the evo works great.
Your opinion is your opinion,i was willing to pay for a contract smartphone where the phone and service is reliable,What good is paying 25 dollars a month for garbage,VM is great if you want a basic phone but fail with smartphones.
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