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shakaibsafvi I wrote this up yesterday and I swear I posted it too. But last night I noticed that the post dissapeared or I wrote it up and didn't post it. I was too lazy to do it yesterday.

Anyway. First thing that you need to do is get the MEID of the device registered on the network. I'm guessing that they let you do that over there unlike here in the USA. After you get the handset registered you need to manually program in a PRL to the phone. You can get the PRL from a different phone that's already on the network or you can simply ask the company. I'm sure they have a repository somewhere. Usually 1xRTT prls are different from the 3g prls. But your company might have them on the same prl.

After you get those two out of the way you're ready to get the phone on the network. For the next step you need the MSL/SPC for the phone. If you already know your MSL then cool. If you dont then get MSL Reader from the market. It'll spit out your MSL in seconds. I'm going to assume since you're on this forum that you're rooted. MSL Reader only works on rooted devices.

Next you need to dial ##msl# on your phone. Once you dial that you'll be given a little pop up menu that'll ask you to either Edit or View. You want to Edit. Now you'll be asked for your MDN/MSID combo. The MDN is your phone number on the network that you're trying to get the Design on. The MSID the company can give to you. If they're not sure what the MSID is then that means that they do not use MSID and your MSID in this case would be the same as your phone number.

Once you have that written out as you want it to be hit the Menu button on the top right and select to Commit Modifications. The phone should reboot by itself. If the phone doesn't reboot by itself then do it manually. Once rebooted it should register on the network and you should be able to make calls. You might have to mess with the roaming settings and allow all types of roaming since you're not on any Sprint tower any more. You'll probably also hear a warning tone because you're "roaming" before every call.

If you get stuck make a different thread and we'll continue there since this is not about a GSM network any more and others might want to know about getting this phone on a different CDMA network.

Anyway. If you get this far and you can make calls then you'll be able to send/receive texts too. Getting 3g or data working might be another feat.

Keep me posted.
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