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Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
A lot of folks wanted to see Exynos/LTE chipset in Sammy flagship device ever since SGS2 came last year. They finally did that in the Korean version of SGS3 LTE this year, but all North American versions are made with S4 chip to support all LTE bands in US. Now it seems they added all those bands to their radio modem chip in Note 2. But like you said, if it's Exynos/LTE I would be a bit wary of it for a while. Hopefully they did some homework to their radio after the CDMA Gnex reception fiasco. S4 Pro/Qualcomm LTE chipset would be safer bet until their chipset is proven.
And it's not just the Samsung LTE. That was actually not nearly as bad as the VIA Telecom CDMA 3G in the end. We know though that Qualcomm CDMA/LTE stuff is getting good reception and running at blazing speeds(even with less than optimal signals) based on stuff I have seen tested with those.

The Qualcomm MDM9615 probably wouldn't take much more effort to get working with the Exynos than it would to pair it with S4 Pro, but really I would just prefer S4 Pro Quad Krait over any quadcore A9 anything.

Interesting claim backing up the last aspect of this reply. Second post from top claims Exynos + MDM9615. That would be good enough I guess. I technically would prefer anything Krait though, even if dualcore. There are to many things we use our phones for that are better served by faster and more efficient per watt cores than more cores.
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