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Originally Posted by simcha View Post
If Sprint doesn't pick up their game, then the whole marketing advantage of offering unlimited data will slip through their fingers. Network Vision is a slow and laborious process as far as being a customer right now is concerned. The 3G speeds suck worse as they "upgrade." Eventually customers will get tired of slow speeds in the name of progress and promises for a better tomorrow. Results are what matters. So far, I'm not impressed with Network Vision. It's slow going and meanwhile certain other providers have fully developed and fully functional 4G networks that work in synch with their 3G networks.

Sprint is getting their lumps in the latest round of Tmo and Big Red marketing campaigns. Sprint doesn't have enough to show to even begin to respond. Hopefully we won't be waiting a year or more for Sprint to show real network improvements nation wide.
Big red definitely has an advantage....but you do realize that tmo has no true 4g right?

I am actually shocked they are still allowed to advertise it as such.

Att is nearly halfway done with their build out...but still behind big red and ahead of sprint.

As a customer of both att and sprint, and having both lte available...I can say not having to worry about throttle or caps is pretty nice

As for your 3g speeds specifically... what phone do you have?

There may be some settings I can suggest tweaking for better speeds

Most customers shouldn't see outages or crippling speeds for extended periods.

If speeds were always low that's one thing, but if you see more than a 48 time period of slower than normal, someone needs to be called
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