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Originally Posted by sntaylor View Post
Sounds Good....Don't Understand It, But It Sounds Good :-)
Originally Posted by Twinn View Post
Thx! I`ll see are there any changes with signal @ work tonight...
RIL - A Dummies Guide

Radio Interface Layer, or RIL, explained very, very, simply... for people like me!

Stomach = Signal

Mouth = RIL

Wife = Software

Breakfast = Hardware

Scenario 1 = unmatched RIL

It's Sunday morning and you wake up feeling hungry. You go downstairs and say to your wife, "Oi! Make me some breakfast, I'm hungry".

At this point, your wife either uses a frying pan to sculpt your face or, with much banging and clattering about in the kitchen, brings you a bowl of soggy cornflakes, a hard boiled egg, some burnt toast soldiers and a cup of luke warm tea.

Scenario 2 = matching RIL

It's Sunday morning and you wake up feeling hungry. You go downstairs and say to your wife, " Hello darling! You look radiant today. Why don't we have a nice breakfast and then maybe we could go shopping afterwards and see if we can find you a dress to match that lovely smile".

Your wife goes to the kitchen, feeling happier and in no time at all produces a full English breakfast of sausages, mushrooms, scrambled egg, bacon and tomatoes with orange juice and coffee.

In both scenarios the signal received is the same but the RIL translates it differently therefore enabling the software to interact more efficiently with the hardware thus producing a better outcome.

In terms of your phone this can mean fewer wakelocks and battery drain.

In stock, Samsung, firmware the RIL will match the modem but for us modders, who flash modems left, right and centre, it can, and does, mean that our RIL's do not match. The phone will still work and receive a good signal but may not operate as well as it would with a compatible RIL.

Hence, Hawker's RIL quest and GetRIL from the Play Store.

(OK. This was a very over simplistic, comic, explanation. For more details about RIL, see here.)
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