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Originally Posted by n8af View Post
I have Titanium Backup; however, I downloaded Root App Delete and that is what I used to get rid of the Boost ID. So, i know you can check your battery usage - but how can you check to see what actual programs and/or processes are being used the most? Is there an app for that?

Edit - Root App Delete has a built in task manager - There is a task called "Android System - Run in background as service ImageWallpaper". Is this what is using all my battery since the battery meter says 80% is used by "Android System"?
I just checked my battery usage and I'm at 62 for android system. I don't think the usage is accurate. I believe there was a post I found awhile ago that stated the same thing. There is a fix but I will have to try and find it.

Right now I froze system update and the last four of Google framework services on advanced mode. Plus going to startup services and killing everything that has a button or app does the trick. I can last about 15-20 hours with those killed. And I'm always on here posting. At least 20-30 posts a day with out plugging in.

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