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Originally Posted by SebF View Post
The only issue being that, with Apple yet again, Facetime is only between Apple devices, yet Skype for instance can go cross platform.

I for one would much rather use a third part app to contact my multitude of contacts than speak to my one hipster friend on Facetime.
I well know and understand the reason it is better, but it is better.

And my wife was getting fed up with the poor and blocky Skype communications (via her laptop) with our daughter (no hipster apple lover I can assure you) in America in their weekly two hour chat. So they both bought ipads (in America so cheaper) and my wife has not regretted it since. Facetime is smooth and detailed and rarely, if ever, drops out. The only time we loose a call is when they are talking so long one of them runs out of battery!

In fact the iPad is ideal for my wife who is a committed technophobe. She can even manage to use it for other things, like google maps and looking up things on the internet. I, being a technophone, much prefer Android. But I know my wife would never be able to cope with all that freedom to do things different ways.

And of course we can all use Skype to others who do not have Apple products and when we are away from wifi.
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