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Confused 2.2 and Triumph

This is what they told me when I asked them about it...

Hi, my name is Andrew. How may I help you?
[02:34:46 PM] Me: two questions.
[02:35:01 PM] Me: is the triumph going to be updated to ICS or Jelly Bean?
[02:36:55 PM] Andrew: I will do my best to help you with this.
[02:37:45 PM] Andrew: This phone will remain in 2.2 any further information will be communicated to you. Here i the link of the ICS
[02:38:30 PM] Me: the other question is about the system update, when I click on it , it says packet not found.
[02:39:15 PM] Andrew: That is because there's no updates for this phone available at the is time.
[02:40:34 PM] Me: ok, so I signed up for the rebate of $100 bucks if my phone is not upgraded to JB. When can I take advantage of that then?
[02:41:44 PM] Andrew: This is only with Verizon customers. I will send this with Motorola software team for review and see if they have this process for your phone.
[02:43:18 PM] Me: It has the Triumph listed and selectable as your phone, I did not read anywhere that it was for Verizon only.
No response after that, lol
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