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Originally Posted by Mr. Ed View Post
Big red definitely has an advantage....but you do realize that tmo has no true 4g right?

I am actually shocked they are still allowed to advertise it as such.

Att is nearly halfway done with their build out...but still behind big red and ahead of sprint.

As a customer of both att and sprint, and having both lte available...I can say not having to worry about throttle or caps is pretty nice

As for your 3g speeds specifically... what phone do you have?

There may be some settings I can suggest tweaking for better speeds

Most customers shouldn't see outages or crippling speeds for extended periods.

If speeds were always low that's one thing, but if you see more than a 48 time period of slower than normal, someone needs to be called
Tmo's HSPA+ seems to be just as fast as LTE in many markets. Who cares what they call it? It beats what Sprint is selling at the moment.

I have an HTC Evo 4G LTE. I live in the Bay Area where they haven't launched LTE yet. I have read rumors that they (crappy Samsung) have started to implement Network Vision here. That could be the reason why 3G speeds are so screwed up here.

I can't say that there is any one particular spot where the 3G speeds have dipped to as low as 30kbps down. It seems to be happening all over the Bay Area. I do get out of Oakland a lot. I don't think it's just one tower, or even just a few towers. Either many towers are going through the upgrade and that has messed up 3G for now, or bandwidth is extremely inadequate for the bay area network, or both.

My setting for Network mode is LTE/CDMA. The only other option is CDMA only. For roaming, I have automatic selected. The Roaming guards are in place to warn when I'm roaming. And I have it set to play a sound when connecting to a roaming network.

I have a work mate who has the One X on ATT and his LTE speeds are amazing. It blows my Evo out of the water. Sprint's network cripples my phone. I'm hoping that this will be resolved soon. And hopefully soon isn't next year sometime. I really like my phone. I hate the network at the moment.

Again, it's easy to offer unlimited data when your network isn't adequate enough to handle the demand for bandwidth. Throttling isn't an issue on Sprint. The network is so inadequate it naturally throttles data due to its inadequacies. As far as my experience as a customer is concerned, it really seems like my phone is throttled by the terrible network. My work mate may end up using so much data that he gets throttled by ATT but at least he gets blazing fast speeds for most of the month. I'm throttled all month long, every day, day in, and day out.

I hope Network Vision delivers. I really do. I'm stuck with Sprint for 18 months.
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