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Originally Posted by SUroot View Post
This is a mid-level complexity profile that takes a photo of someone who incorrectly enters your pattern lock (in this example) twice and emails it to you.

This is based on multiple examples found but this is my own spin on it.

The filename of the photo is always the same so it overwrites itself, saving space because if, like me, you often put your pattern in wrong, you'll end up with a million pictures of yourself


  1. SL4a apk - - This should now come with Tasker.
  2. Secure settings - Google Play
  3. Folder \sdcard\sl4a\scripts containing -
  4. Python - Install through SL4a as below:

Creating the profile:

  • Add (+) Profile, name "Intrusion"
  • Select State > Plugin > Secure Settings > configuration Edit > Failed Login Attempts > (set your number, Tick "Device admin" and save
  • New Task
  • + Media > Take Photo > Camera "Front" > Filename "Last-intruder" (and apply)
  • + Variable > Variable Set > name "%EMAIL_USER" to
  • + Variable > Variable Set > name "%EMAIL_PSWD" to youremailpassword
  • + Variable > Variable Set > name "%EMAIL_TO" to
  • + Variable > Variable Set > name "%EMAIL_SUBJECT" to "SGS3 INTRUSION ATTEMPT"
  • + Variable > Variable Set > name "%EMAIL_ATTACH" to "/sdcard/DCIM/Tasker/last-intruder.jpg"
  • + Script > Run SL4A Script > Name (Search icon) > Pass variables "%EMAIL_TO,%EMAIL_ATTACH,%EMAIL_SUBJECT"
  • Apply
Takes pic sends to my drop box but does not send me an email??Followed all the steps ?????
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