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Originally Posted by n4zty View Post
thats e-z the s3 is what good about the s3 lol well since u challenged one of my droid fanatics lol jk lets lay it all on the table.this isnt even about the chassis of the phone what makes the s3 is the os and the components! tell me can u connect an apple phone to your large hdtv? can u swap the battery for a extended battery that will help your phone last longer? can you install a form of recovery on a apple phone and create backs ups? can you expand your phone's memory with a sd card? can you modify the phone the way you want it tweak the ram perhaps over clock the cpu on a apple phone? can u answer yes to atleast one of those questions? if they all answer no then people following a useless fad and they should feel bad about that.
There are adapters that you can hook your iPod/iPad/iPhone to your TV with and I'm sure you can overclock them. The rest is all no though.
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