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If you read your post, you are supporting my position. If one is given higher wages, progressive taxation, pay for hours worked and unions to negotiate same then employers would be forced to hire more workers. I probably did overstate numbers of exempt employees, as income needs to be above $23,660 to be classified as exempt, but haven't found hard numbers. Then again, lawsuits have increased.

More American workers sue employers for overtime pay

Workers' main grievance is that they had to put in more than 40 hours a week without overtime pay through various practices:

•They were forced to work off the clock.

•Their jobs were misclassified as exempt from overtime requirements.

•Because of smartphones and other technology, work bled into their personal time.

"The recession (put) more pressure on businesses to squeeze workers and cut costs," says Catherine Ruckelshaus, legal co-director of the National Employment Law Project. If employers had to bear the actual expense of overtime, she says, they likely would have hired more workers in the economic recovery.
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