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The motion is better than the connect by leaps and bounds.

Save the screen size, it has better battery life without rooting and underclocking, You can toggle 4g without downloading a toggle app, it's tons more responsive and handles tasks much more efficiently, it never overheats, it charges from damn near dead to full in a little over an hour, and you can get rid of a lot of bloatware without root.

I pretty much got this phone for free by selling my connect to pay for this phone. It should cost as much as the lightray for its performance and capability.

For those who are satisfied with the connect I'm not mad at you at all. If you did want to get the motion you would be able to sell the connect for enough money to pay for it. That's what I did.

Also, all the prices for metro phones are back to their original price without rebates. The connect is $349. You could fetch a good price on ebay if you wanted to sell.
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