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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
looks like the PC wars all over again...

apple market will get smaller and smaller... niche market
How do you figure?

Apple sells vast numbers of phones and if history is any guide, the iPhone 5 will sell well. And, if Apple can crack the Chinese market, they will likely sell even more phones. Some stock wonks report that the Chinese market could be far bigger than the US market, as far as Apple/iPhones are concerned.

China as it is now, is far bigger than the United states market.

Time will tell and we still do not know how many Android/BB users will jump ship when iOS 6 arrives. The iPhone can be bought for less than $200.00 and that might attract people to the dark side.

Perhaps the millions of people that do not have a smartphone will choose Apple because it can be had from Virgin Mobile and Cricket. Lots of people cannot get a smartphone because their credit is in the dumpster.

The new OS might be amazing or ho-hum. I'll wait and see.

Then there are the iPads. The new iPads will increase Apple's bottom line; not to mention, whatever else Apple releases that we have never thought of. All Apple needs is a new idea and Apple is good at coming up with new ideas.

Not sure Apple is close to being thought of as a niche market.

By the way, Apple's sales of notebooks/laptops in the past three months were greater than Windows laptops/notebooks. If you believe the stock wonks. And iPhone sales alone, accounted for more revenue than EVERYTHING Microsoft sells.

Again, do not relegate Apple to nice market status just yet.
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