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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
their smartphone market is shrinking every year.
with release like the 4S and 5..
that market does not look like it will be growing.
I don't believe that is true.

Market *share* is a different thing, but even then you can play games of which markets, what time periods. And do you measure numbers of devices or net profits?

Right now Apple are the most valuable/profitable company out there. It used to be Microsoft, and in future it will be someone else. But even with products as widely derided as Vista, IE and the Office"ribbon" it took many years of stagnation for MS to slide (and people tend to not talk about how big a player they still are). So I'm not expecting anything to change quickly. TBH I'm more interested to see whether HTC can turn around than in what Apple's smartphone share does in the next year.
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