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Originally Posted by downthemachine View Post
Yes, if you want a pia to root phone go HTC, if you want a cheap phone that we in all things root have started to make better, stick around. There are flaws yes, but this new incarnation of the warp is an attempt to fix those flaws. To consider the HTC ultimately better, is to not see potential in zte.
Think about it like this, GM is a huge manufacturer that every loves or hates but, has some what trust in, along comes this crappy little car manufacturer Hyundai, instantly getting the stigma of just being garbage, fast forward ten years and look at what they make now. Considering time tables, and the fact the automotive design would take longer that cell phone, you would see a similar situation brewing here. ZTE made a phone that wasn't perfect, FOR $200. Now they are trying to step it up a notch, yes at this point, maybe they can't compete with HTC or Samsung. But they are getting closer. I wouldn't discount them on one bad experience. Just my two cents
Basically you made the point. To say HTC is always better then ZTE is foolish. HTC may be better now, but ZTE from what I have read has learned from negative feedback. Thats why they are possibly introducing the 1st USA Intel processor 1.4 in a smartphone. Thats been the biggest problem with the current ZTE Warp is the processor and why many have complained of force closes and gaming not working. ZTE may be working the problem and this new Warp may become a bargain of 3G phones if they get the processor right. Based on Boosts 4G coverage atleast 75% of us and maybe up to 90% of us do not even get 4G. If you get 4G where you live I understand the SII, if you don't you should wait a few weeks and see if the Warp Sequent reviews well and possibly buy it until 4G is available in your area.
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