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Originally Posted by austin316 View Post
Boost loves customers like you. Thats how they make money. They love it when someone will pay them $370 for an obsolete phone they have sitting on their shelf for a year.

Seriously, just go with a contract carrier and get an S3. You'd pay about the same money in the next 24 months. And then you can upgrade for a minimal amount. Don't be a sucker.
And post-paid carriers love customers like you. If you can honestly sit there and say the S2 is an obsolete piece of equipment, because of the time it's been out, you're kind of ignorant.

I don't care about "the latest an greatest" phones they shit out every other week, I just want a phone that works when I want it to do something, thats it. If you want these phone carriers to hold you by the balls for 2 years, be my guest, but I'm perfectly fine with what I've got, just sayin
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