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Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
Well, Verizon has finally managed to disable Wallet on VZW GNex's, at least the "legal" market version. This morning I go to use it, and I get an error message, that this version is no longer supported, please update to the latest version. Except the latest version is not "compatible" with my phone according to Google Play. This development is SOOOO wonderfully combined with the RSRSS story saying ISIS is delayed. Pretty pissed off right now.
Not working for me now either Anti. Screw Verizon. Really starting to hate them.

Interesting thing happened this morning. I go to just like I always do when I get to work and read the days headlines in Sports, Tech, Science, and Entertainment. So I'm scrolling through the Entertainment headlines and as you know, Google attaches an appropriate picture to the left of each headline. Well today is a different story, low and behold there's a naked picture to the left of the headline "Alison Pill's fiance on topless tweet". It is an uncensored version of a picture Alison Pill supposedly accidentally tweeted a few days ago. How Google attached that, I don't know and how it got through my work filter I sure as heck don't know.

In other topless news that I learned from the Entertainment section, apparently Kate Middleton was photographed topless on private property with a telephoto lens somewhere in France.
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