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Originally Posted by Brian706 View Post
The resources seem limited for the inspire.
thats what i thot when i first got my inspire. however after some research and figuring out that the desire HD is almost exactly the same device, there are suddenly alot of resources available.

the desire HD is a world wide GSM phone,and is used in alot of regions by different carriers with branded and unbranded roms. heres a few different RUUs,all of wich will work onthe inspire/DHD as long as the device is superCIDed and s-off: FileFactory Folder View - Ace

you can also look thru the DHD forum here(where youll see posts from me ) and on xda for roms.

as long as you do not tryand mix and match radios and hboots,you can basically treat the inspire like a DHD,for which there is an abundance of roms,recoveries,etc. i am currently running unofficial cm10 on my inspire(for the DHD)

since the useage is so broad,there are still alot of grreat devs in the DHD forums,and they are a devoted bunch! they were one of the firs ones to get jellybean up and running after its release. my inspire was actually running JB before my sensation!

there are a bunch of good roms,no matter what your preference. GB,ICS,JB,sense 3.6,sense 4.0,or AOSP.

my inspire is actually my second favorite phone(right behind the sensation)

Originally Posted by Brian706 View Post
How do you guys find all these versions of 4EXT? Twrp hosts their own recoveries on their website. I've looked around for 4EXT recoveries and had no luck. DonB pointed me to one yesterday but for the Evo.
lol if we told you wed have to kill you

actually i have no idea where i initially got it. i remeber installing a rom that for some reason automatically installed it at that point,i may have pulled the image out of a nandroid,or i may have found a download on xda somewhere. i have the link i gave you because i packed up the image and uploaded it anymore i really hate to give out links i dont have control of. it causes alot of fustrations down the line when folks find older threads in searches and the links have disapeared

the clockwork i linked,i remember stealing from the AAHK. if you instal it youll even see the AAHK logo in the background
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