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I also contacted Motorola and here is what transpired:

Moto: Hi. How may I help you?
Bob : I have a question.
Moto: I'll do my best here to help you.
Bob : Is the triumph going to be updated to Jelly Bean?
Moto: Let me check on my resources. Please hold on.
Bob : thanks
Moto: No problem.
Moto: This phone will remain on Android 2.2, Bob.
Bob : ok, so I signed up for the rebate of $100 if my phone is not upgraded to JB. When can I take advantage of that?
Moto: Please hold on.
Moto: Please go to this page,
Bob : I have been to that site and it has the Triumph listed as an eligible phone,
Moto: Okay, just sign up there, Bob.
Bob : I have signed up. But the way I read the page it seems that the $100 will be a rebate toward a new phone. However, Virgin mobile does not have any Motorola phones except for the triumph.
Moto: It says there that, "If we don't upgrade you, we'll send you instructions on how to trade in your phone for a select new Motorola smartphone and get $100 back on your purchase."
Moto: Please wait for the instructions.
Bob : Yes, that is what I just wrote. My question is how will I be able to receive a rebate for a phone that virgin mobile does not have. Or are you saying that I will be forced to change to a different carrier?
Moto: The program doesn't indicate specific models and carriers, Bob.
Moto: Motorola will be the one to send you the instructions.
Moto: Please wait for it and we'll take it from there.
Bob : Not trying to be difficult... just a little confused because Virgin Mobile only has one Motorola phone.
Moto: I understand. Please check out the notation there on the lower part of the screen.
Moto: It says, "Official program details will be found at this site at a future date. $100 provided in the form of a Gift Card, carrier credit or other cash equivalent at Motorola's sole discretion."
Bob : Great, thanks for clearing that up.
Moto: You're welcome.
Moto: Anything else?
Bob : No, Thanks for the information.
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