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Originally Posted by NJRonbo View Post
Just switched from the iPhone to the GS3.

I really love the GS3 more than the iPhone, but the battery issue with this phone is so bad that I might also be forced to return to Apple come September 12th.

I realize there are some posting here saying they have no problems, but it's apparent from the amount of posts from people with problems that there is an issue here that Samsung needs to address.
No. This is what's frustrating. Samsung don't need to address ANYTHING. The battery is completely fine, it's really f***ing good. It's user error and faulty battery to blame. The faulty ones can easily be replaced with a new functioning battery (as the know..lets you CHANGE out a battery) and the user error is usually apps draining the phone, poor common sense and amongst other factors.

As for OPs case..yes that app is clearly messing with your phone. Disable updates, or make them every 24 hours just to test that solves it draining then you'll have your issue. Good luck

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