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p.s. live chatting right now...will post transcript afterwards

2:04 PM Gus: Hello . Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A. Support only. How may I provide you with excellent service today?
2:05 PM Me: Hi there
2:05 PM Me: so i have been e-mailing for the past couple weeks
2:05 PM Gus: Hi , I see.
2:05 PM Gus: Ok
2:05 PM Me: and you guys are running me in circles
2:05 PM Me: I would like the bootloader unlocker tool for my phone
2:06 PM Me: i received an e-mail today that said you guys have one...but are working on a more efficient and safer method...I would like to know how to unlock my bootloader anyways
2:07 PM Me: and if you cannot provide me the method i would like to know who to directly contact about this...either phone number or personal e-mail more of this "" or anything, i would like a name of someone to talk to if you cannot help me
2:08 PM Gus: I see. Now.. I am afraid that's not actually possible through us. I will be straight forward with you and give you the most information I have available to me to why we would not be able to help out with unlocking a phone for usage with another carrier or internationally. As much as I am willing and want to help out with your request, when regarding phone unlock codes or a method to unlock phones, there is only so much I can do to help out... To tell you the truth, unfortunately we are not allowed to give out these unlock codes for security purposes. The reason why we do not have these codes or the process to unlock a phone is due to a contract between the carriers and LG, we are binded and restricted to give any code that could enable someone to access and modify carrier general and networking settings.
2:08 PM Gus: This was taken as a security measurement so that rival carriers do not and are not able to access carrier information which are locked within the phone.
2:09 PM Gus: In this case I suggest contacting your carrier’s corporate offices and have them or a supervisor help you out with the unlock code since they should be able to handle this information. I do hope you understand and I do apologize so very much for the inconvenience if any.
2:09 PM Me: okay, you do not understand what i am talking about
2:09 PM Me: not unlocking the carrier
2:09 PM Me: the bootloader
2:09 PM Me: this has nothing to do with the carrier
2:09 PM Gus: Boot loader?
2:09 PM Me: this has to do with the open source nature of the operating system
2:09 PM Me: you don't know what the bootloader is?
2:09 PM Gus: You mean for app design? Such as the Kerner software
2:09 PM Gus: Oh ok
2:10 PM Gus: Kernel*
2:10 PM Gus: Now, as far as Kernel software goes, I must let you know that we do not have direct access to it but I can help out and provide a link to where you could get Kernel software for your android model. Please try the following link:
2:10 PM Me: yes, so i can put a custom kernel on my phone or theme it
2:10 PM Gus: %LF:ForcePage%
2:10 PM Gus: Yep
2:10 PM Gus: Try the above link
2:10 PM Gus: This would be what info I have regarding actual open source software or tools.
2:11 PM Me: okay can you do me a favor
2:11 PM Me: go ahead and go to that page
2:11 PM Gus: Alright
2:11 PM Me: my model is the LG Motion 4G or the LGMS770
2:12 PM Me: nothing shows up..
2:12 PM Gus: Try selecting Mobile Phones
2:12 PM Gus: And just hit seach
2:12 PM Gus: search
2:12 PM Gus: So you get all the models listed
2:13 PM Gus: Ms770 seems not to be there yet since its very new
2:13 PM Me: okay...well where is the MS770?
2:13 PM Gus: But maybe you could try another.?
2:13 PM Gus: Hmm
2:14 PM Me: i am sorry if i seem to be being rude, i am not trying to be...Tone of voice does not translate well via text...i am just frustrated is all you are helping me out a bit
2:14 PM Gus: Or ask the carrier to see if they might have any access to any of their own Kernel tools for the phones since they actually develop everything having to do with software. You see; software itself comes from android but it has all carrier restrictions and specifications preloaded into the phone and service off course come from the carrier as well. LG’s role was to develop the phone hardware for the carriers to place their software into and offer the service. Basically what I mean to say is that if you would be interested in finding out information related to software, service or even SIM card related question for GSM type phones, I suggest contacting the carrier since they are responsible for that part of the phone and should have more concrete information to be able to help out with this situation in particular.
2:14 PM Gus: I understand you there .
2:14 PM Me: Okay do you know who i can contact about this matter?
2:14 PM Gus: Its alright
2:15 PM Gus: I try to share as much as I have available to me.
2:15 PM Gus: In any case, I am always happy to help out as best I can with situations in general, but I am unfortunately only limited to the information we have for the hardware specifications and what we can find in the Owner’s manual, in our system and from experience. I honestly do apologize for the inconvenience if there is any. Hopefully you now have a better picture of how LG operates regarding the software vs hardware.
2:15 PM Me: So you're saying even though LG Locked the bootloader, that i should contact MetroPCS about unlocking the bootloader?
2:16 PM Me: okay...well i'll keep trying through e-mail...
2:16 PM Gus: Well generally when wanting to unlock the hardware itself, they would have to do it for you to be able to use another SIM in the phone or other software.
2:16 PM Gus: So it might be very possible
2:16 PM Gus: But that's done by corporate offices as far as I heard.
2:16 PM Me: okay it's not a hardware's a software issue
2:17 PM Gus: Because from what tools and info I have, you pretty much have as much info as I do regarding such tools .
2:17 PM Me: oh okay.
2:17 PM Me: wel lthank you for your time
2:17 PM Me: well *
2:17 PM Mey: thanks for trying to help me
2:17 PM Me: do you have any idea who i should e-mail about this?
2:18 PM Gus: To be honest, the best thing to do is go for those with authority
2:18 PM Gus: If you would reach out to the carrier
2:18 PM Me: because the e-mail from your support page is not helpful at all...they have been running me in at least gave me a link
2:18 PM Gus: Ask for a supervisor
2:18 PM Gus: Or see if you could reach corporate
2:18 PM Gus: Because those tools are usually kept by engineers and techs.
2:18 PM Me: okay, thank you
2:18 PM Me: have a good day
2:19 PM Gus: No problem , you too. In any case, it has been a pleasure chatting with you today. By pressing the exit or "End live chat" button you would be able to see a very short survey and score your experience with me. I will now remain on the chat line for around 2 minutes before exiting the chat session. Should you ever have any further questions or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact us again via Live Chat, which is open from 8am to 8pm central time (Monday to Friday), or by calling in to the 24/7 toll free customer support line at 1-800-243-0000. Thank you so very much for your kindness and patience, please enjoy the rest of your day and I do wish you the very best.
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