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Originally Posted by plasticarmyman View Post
good to know that they are "looking for a more efficient and safe method to unlock bootloader"

hopefully they are actually going to....but good thing that they admitted that they already have a way to do so...

so all we need to do is wrangle it out of them...

who cares if it is inefficient..we have a good dev team...they can do some work on it to make it more efficient :P

I received the exact same message as you did...

this was my reply

"Thank you for your form message....i have been notified that this is the same message that you are sending to anyone who asks about this. Which department is the relevant department, and how would i go about contacting them?..

Also, if you are looking for a more efficient and safe method it means that you already have a method, can you please release that first method until you find a more efficient method?...that would be awesome and a show of good faith on your part.

Thank you once again,"

i also think it may be time for a phone call...since we have someone who has admitted to the existence of a bootloader unlock tool...maybe not specifically...but enough info that i can wrangle the needed information out of an actual on the phone person...
I replied in somewhat the same manner.

I read the transcript from your live chat. do you think contacting Metro would help at all? I don't. Maybe if we bug LG enough, they'll release it?
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