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Cool ICS Update on Telus Galaxy Tab 10.1

Hi All;

Just a tip for Tab 10.1 users on Telus (Canada).

I upgraded my 10.1 to ICS (via the Tab's "Software Update") last month.
I was quite impressed with ICS, and it seemed like a great upgrade...faster and slick...all in all, really nice.

However, it caused my battery life to go totally down the crapper. I researched online and read that it can take a bunch of charge cycles to recalibrate power management. But, after more than a week of use, it was still gobbling up the battery like crazy. It was awful.
I finally resigned to revert to Honeycomb - so, I did the "Factory Data Reset".

To my complete surprise, it didn't restore Honeycomb, and instead did a fresh install of ICS!!

I started using it, and noticed many interesting things about this new install - it was like a different version of ICS. The lock and home screens were different, the settings layout was different etc etc.

Well, long story short, it would seem that doing the upgrade over top of Honeycomb is a flawed process - it leaves way too much of Honeycomb resident and active within ICS. Doing the factory reset gave me a clean install of ICS 4.04 on my 10.1, and this had many new features and an even more different look than the in-place upgrade.

More importantly, my power management issues are gone, and my battery life is back to nromal (and perhaps even better than on Honeycomb).

So, for Telus customers who upgrade their 10.1 to ICS, I would highly recommend doing a factory data reset (after the in-place upgrade) to get a clean install of ICS. It fixed my battery life issue, and it gives you proper lean and mean version of ICS, rather than a Frankenstein of the two Androids.

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