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Originally Posted by HotRoderX View Post
Before you bash on Metro's 4G LTE take into account what you get with it. Verizon is arguably the best 4G LTE network out there. A Verizon account with 10gigs of data is currently 140 a month. That's 3360 dollars over the course of a two year contract that has a 400+ dollar early termination fee.

Metro on the other hand is 55 dollars right now for unlimited 4G LTE service. There service is not the fastest but (for me) its been reliable. Over the course of 2 years you will have payed 1320 dollars. There is no early termination fee if you decide to cancel the service or move to area you no longer get service.

That means over the course of 2 years you will have saved 2040 dollars or 85 dollars a month. That is a substantial differences.

What your basically doing is comparing a Hyundai to a Ferrari then wondering why the Hyundai cant keep up. The Hyundai is nice and its a wonderful value for its price. When compared to a Ferrari the Hyundai is kinda crap. I am sure most of us if we could afford something like Verizon then we would switch most the people I see on this forum are Power users. The majority of people can not special with Verizon's insane overage fee's
My metro and my Hyundai I love them both. helping the broke family man get by lol.
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